About Us

Family Background/History:

This is the 4th generation of the Lakhany family in textile business. The textile business was originally established around a 100 years ago by their forefathers in the Indian Subcontinent before partition of Pakistan and India. The current owners’ father, Late Abdul Ghaffar Lakhany, started a textile trading business in the year 1971 in the name of M/s. Jawed Corporation. It was their father’s dream to start an in-house vertical textile manufacturing unit under the name of Lakhany, and that dream was fulfilled by these two brothers in the year 2000. The members of the Lakhany family are successfully running textiles businesses all over the world.


M/s. Lakhany textile International was started in the year 2000 by Mr. Aftab Lakhany and Mr. Jawed Lakhany who are Co-CEOs of the company. The decades of experience under their belts, much of which was gained while working with their father, is helping the company grow every year. The CEOs handle all the important decision making, and even though many of the day-to-day tasks’ decision making is delegated, the CEOs provide direct oversight on all the operations. The approach by the top management of Lakhany Textile International has earned buyers’ confidence and retention resulting in an increasing turnover year after year. We are known not only for the quality control but also for on time deliveries and personalized customer services as per customer’s requirements and satisfaction.

Aim and Policy:

Here at Lakhani Textile International, we thrive to provide comfort to our customers. Management of timely deliveries and quality assurance is our main focus; We have rigorous quality controls in every step of the garment manufacturing process to ensure a high quality product. Carrying stocks of raw materials allow us to meet deliveries/shipments of orders as per buyers’ requirements

We have achieved a good reputation, and now we work towards sustaining and increasing that reputation in the national and international markets by continuing to provide exceptional service.